How to Verify Your Cash Service Messenger Is a Garda Employee

février 5, 2013

With today’s PC technologies, any teenager can make a fake ID to get into clubs and buy beer. So it’s no surprise that criminals can do the same to impersonate cash service messengers, gain entry to your business, and access your cash, harm your employees or both. That’s why Garda has designed its identification system for all Garda cash logistics route employees to thwart such imposters. We give you three ways to check if your Garda armored truck employees are genuine.

1. Garda’s uniforms are unique, with blue shirts and black pants. The shirts have Garda logo patches on the upper arms of both sleeves. Both the armored vehicle driver and the cash service messenger must be in this uniform, with no exceptions.

2. Garda’s identification card system for each route employee comprises one ID card and one Authorized Agent Card. The latter has a Garda hologram that’s difficult to reproduce below the employee’s photo, so you can be sure the person is a real Garda employee.


The two-card system ensures a higher level of security for you. First, the ID card provides employees access to our Garda transaction centers. No card, no access. Next, each driver and messenger must exchange his or her ID card for an Authorized Agent Card when leaving the transaction center to service your business. When they return to the center, they get their ID card back.

3. Garda’s Client Support phone line at 1-877-287-8889 is always there for you to call if you have any suspicions that you’re not dealing with a current Garda employee. You should keep this number handy, but it’s also printed on the back of the Authorized Agent Card for your convenience. If you suspect anything’s not quite right about the person who has arrived at your location, assert your right to deny them entry until you can verify who they are.