The Upcoming Week’s Top News Alerts from Crisis24 - December 3 - 9

décembre 3, 2018

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Be Prepared 


Poland: Security alert in effect for COP24 conference through Dec. 15

Poland declares terrorism security alert for Silesia province and Krakow during UN Climate Change Conference (COP24) through December 15; increased security measures and transportation disruptions expected. Read more


What to watch out for this week


France: “Yellow vest” protests continue December 3

“Yellow vest” movement to hold further disruptive protests from December 3; associated unrest and potential shortages expected. Read more


Algeria: Anti-Saudi protests possible amid Saudi Crown Prince visit Dec. 6

Activists threaten to protest visit of Saudi Crown Prince set for December 6; heightened security presence and associated transportation disruptions anticipated. Read more


Portugal: National rail worker strike December 7

Rail workers to stage nationwide strike on December 7; disruptions expected. Read more


Malaysia: Protest over UN racism convention in Kuala Lumpur Dec. 8

Protest over UN racism convention to go ahead in Kuala Lumpur on December 8 despite government decision to not ratify convention. Read more


Peru: National referendum and regional elections December 9

National referendum as well as second round of local/regional elections in 15 regions on December 9; demonstrations possible. Read more


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