U.S. Bank Visits Garda in St. Paul, MN for Cash Vault Services and Armored Demonstration

septembre 5, 2012

Garda Cash Logistics recently visited the U.S. Bank senior leadership team to discuss armored vehicle operations. During the meeting, U.S. Bank got to view an exciting Cash Vault Services and Armored demonstration at the St. Paul branch location.


“I want to thank everyone involved, for your outstanding efforts and professionalism during the U.S. Bank meetings,” said Garda Account Manager, Lisa Field.  “Each of your individual areas of expertise offered us the ability to demonstrate Garda’s consistent and exceptional service delivery, and our commitment to the U.S. Bank partnership.”

Special thanks to Rick Salo and the team in St. Paul for hosting the Cash Vault Services and Armored demonstration with Jean Fichtel, EVP Consumer Banking, Kathy Jo Lafleur, AVP ATM Debit Services, and Delisia Venus, Vendor Manager.


“It isn’t often a client’s senior leadership is eager to take time out of the day to dig into the trenches of an armored carrier’s operations.  I am sure you will all agree that they thoroughly enjoyed themselves, which is seen evident in the photo accompanying this post,” Lisa added.