Las Vegas CVS volunteers not afraid to get their hands dirty

mai 17, 2016

Seventeen Las Vegas, Nevada Cash Vault Services (CVS) team members, and their families, came together on Saturday, April 16 for the 2016 Las Vegas Spring Wash Green-Up, planting approximately 2,500 trees and shrubs.

The Las Vegas Wash is an area of wetlands in Southern Nevada. Seriously – wetlands in Southern Nevada! These wetlands are fed by city overflow, groundwater close to the surface, reclaimed water and rain water. The wetlands assist with cleaning the water that’s running through them, filtering out harmful fertilizers, oils, and other contaminants that can be found out on the road and in the surrounding desert.

The Las Vegas Wash carries the valley’s excess water – an average of more than 150 million gallons a day – through the wetlands on its way to Lake Mead. Green Up efforts, or the addition of vegetation to the area, help cleanse and filter the water, reducing pollutants and contaminants making their way to Lake Mead.

Las Vegas CVS is proud to display our commitment to our communities and share how GardaWorld employees can make a difference every day!

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