Aerospace and Defence

Aerospace and defense security services


We have a long history of supporting defense and aerospace companies, enabling them to conduct daily business, safely, in highly complex environments. In Iraq, we have supported 10 US ‘Foreign Military Sales’ companies engaged in training, maintenance and delivery streams across land, sea and air. In North Africa we are teamed with one of the world’s largest defense companies to provide intricate solutions to nation state border security. Quote for services


We support government missions in complex, emerging and post conflict markets with additional security services to support their operations, facility and maintenance projects. In Afghanistan, we support the international defense community securing Forward Operating Bases (FOB) throughout the country. These secured forward military positions are commonly military bases used to support tactical operations and are traditionally supported by main operating bases. Our work involves securing the perimeter of the FOBs and providing static security services to facilitate the operations for our clients.

Having worked in many of our markets since 2003 we are able to link clients in with the relevant local government departments and support local relationships. If you would like to learn more about the aerospace defense sector security services that GardaWorld can provide, contact us today.