Crisis Management

Crisis management, emergency assistance and evacuation support

Crisis management and evacuation

Business executives, foreign leaders, and high-net worth individuals in today’s increasingly complex global business environment are exposed to targeting by groups looking for criminal gain, political advantage, or dedicated to terrorist causes.  These same leaders can also become the focus of extortion and anti-Western sentiment by activist elements due to their business practices, corporate policies, or simply through the existing hostilities which may exist in their marketplace. Quote for services

Our response solutions include Executive Protection, emergency assistance and evacuation to kidnap for ransom and extortion support.

24/7 hotline

Incidents can occur at any time and can quickly turn into critical situations, our tracking and monitoring services are supported by our team 24/7 to:

  • Assist your personnel
  • Alert designated decision-makers within your organization and the local authorities
  • Activate emergency protocols
  • Help manage the incident before it becomes a crisis.

Our experts have extensive experience in high-risk regions, including in Africa, Central/South America, the Middle-East and Asia.

Emergency assistance and crisis management

The Crisis24 team is available 24/7 to provide a pro-active planning and to respond to a wide range of emergency situations including non-medical evacuations. Our services are specifically directed at providing ‘on-the-ground’ consultancy support as early as possible in order to secure your employees.

If conditions are likely to worsen, a team of responders is dispatched as soon as possible to control the situation and provide local assessment, while our leadership provides strategic consulting services and on-the-ground support. We are committed to setting up the most advanced human, material and logistic means necessary to evacuate all individuals at risk to secure locations.

In partnership with leading medical assistance companies, we provide you with strategic and operational advice:

  • Strategic, in order to evaluate and propose several modes of crisis management, taking into account not only operational, but also juridical, financial and media aspects
  • Operational, both on the local level and inside the crisis cell, to coordinate multifaceted responses that include the families, media, authorities and any other parties involved; we continuously assess the situation, advise you on possible options and help you implement your decisions.

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