Global Traveler Tracking

Global traveler tracking services

Monitor personnel and assets 24/7

In an ever changing world the ability to track your staff anywhere in the world becomes more and more valuable. We offer a traveler tracking tool to clients that allows travel itineraries, reservations, online registration and GPS data to be uploaded to our portal. We continuously monitor your staff and cross-check their locations with events that could impact their security and/or disrupt their travel offering a predictive travel risk mitigation service. Quote for services

We support this tracking with detailed movement reporting which is issued daily to operations teams. The event of a natural disaster, terrorist attack or other critical incident, we are able to geo-fence your staff positions on our mapping database and send targeted messages of advice to them.

Our team of analysts also provide on-demand briefings, situation reports and risk mapping to our customers.

GPS tracking

When it comes to emergency matters, reliability is a key criteria. Crisis24 solutions have been deployed since 2005 all around the world. We provide two mobile options for tracking:

  • Crisis Messenger™ App

For travelers who operate within the Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) – approximately 175+ countries – Crisis24 has developed a certified app, Crisis Messenger™ for Android and iOS, that allows your personnel to report their GPS position instantaneously, either to an email or SMS recipient (point-to-point) or to our online monitoring platform with alert notification features.

  • Military-grade GPS/ satellite tracker

For the smaller number of travelers and assets who operate in countries where GSM coverage is not available due to the absence of a roaming agreement, remote areas, or where there is political instability, we offer an integrated a military-grade GPS/satellite tracker device that uses the Iridium satellite network and provides full global coverage.

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