Global Traveler Tracking

Global traveler tracking services

Monitor personnel and assets 24/7

Knowing where your teams are abroad is critical for carrying out your operations. Our global traveler tracking tool allows businesses to monitor personnel and assets 24/7 and issue alerts if an incident arises. The online portal uses real-time updates to assist teams wherever they are in the world. Quote for services

or staff operating in high-risk countries, remote areas or because they are key to your global operations can log their movements from a smart phone. Flight data can be loaded into our system to complement our on-the-ground vehicle-tracking software and show clients a real-time picture of where staff are.

We have a crisis hotline available 24/7 to assist team members facing unexpected difficulties during the course of their travel abroad. The system also has the ability to geo-fence staff and send targeted evacuation instructions via SMS/email.

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