Kidnap for Ransom

Kidnap for Ransom (K&R) and Threat Extortion Response Services

The risk of kidnap for ransom can be minimized but it cannot ever be completely eliminated. In the event of a kidnap occurring, our Consultants expertly guide the client through the entire process, using proven principles and methodologies to ensure the safe and timely return of the victim. Quote for services

Kidnap and Threat Extortion

Kidnap and Threat Extortion in their various forms can have devastating effects, not only on the victims, but also on a victims’ family, company or organisation, and on others connected to the crisis incident.  They can lead to weeks or months of stressful and exhausting negotiations. An ill-considered kidnap or extortion response could have a detrimental effect on the victim’s well-being, increase the risk to other potential targets, and threaten the viability of, or have a negative reputational impact on, a family, company or organization.

GardaWorld is an approved Response consultancy for, and has agreements with, most of the world’s leading specialist risk underwriters. This allows our clients the freedom and flexibility to place their insurance where they choose while maintaining their relationship with us as their preferred security partner. The Response team delivers services to a wide range of clients including private individuals, multinational corporations, media organizations, non-governmental and intergovernmental organizations and small to medium enterprises.

Our team has successfully resolved hundreds of crisis incidents, equating to several thousand case days, worldwide, recent cases include such diverse operating environments as Syria, Libya, Nigeria and Mexico.

Our clients receive access to our risk information services: K&R and Maritime intelligence reports, quarterly kidnap risk map poster, white papers on developments in K&R, extortion and piracy risks which provides at-a-glance information on kidnap risk worldwide as well as more in-depth analysis of the specific kidnap risks in individual countries.

Pre-incident consultancy/ Crisis Management team training

In the event of a kidnap or extortion event occurring, a degree of fear and panic will naturally follow. Understanding the mechanics and sequence of the crisis, and planning, preparing and rehearsing for this eventuality, is the best way to minimize the levels of stress for those dealing with the kidnappers or extortionist, and to ensure the safe and timely release of victims. Our Response team is able to provide pre-incident consultancy and crisis management team training to our clients.

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