Risk Analysis

Risk analysis and reporting

Risk analysis

We have over a decade of experience in delivering focused and in-depth intelligence-led projects across the world. Our intelligence-fused risk analysis service enables our clients to understand the political, regulatory and cultural challenges of operating in complex environments. Our global footprint allows us to distill local information into a range of risk analysis and threat-based publications designed especially for people with operational requirements.  Quote for services

Our online travel information portal allows your expatriate staff and corporate travelers to assess and adjusting their exposure to strategic and operational risks around the world by accessing continuously updated country information and intelligence for more than 180 countries including:

  • Daily news updates
  • Daily, weekly and monthly country risk reports and analysis
  • Medical facility details
  • Health information and advice for travelers by country

The website can be accessed either through the internet or a fully branded company intranet.

24/7 alerts

We are able to push 24/7 alerts and intelligence reports to subscribers email accounts and mobile phones. Our real-time alerts detail all events impacting business or travel abroad, from changes to security conditions or transportation disruptions. We issue around 30 alerts per day which can be filtered to your specific country or region requirements.

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