Risk Analysis

Risk analysis and reporting

Risk analysis

We have over a decade of experience in delivering focused and in-depth intelligence-led projects across the world. Our intelligence-fused risk analysis services enable our clients to understand the political, regulatory and cultural challenges of operating in complex environments. We help them do business in even the most daunting emerging and frontier markets by sourcing privileged insights and timely intelligence. We then assess the gathered information and interpret it to inform our clients’ decision-making and give them the competitive edge. Quote for services

Risk reporting

By their nature many our markets are volatile and require us to constantly monitor and analyze security risks. From our office in Washington DC and from our field offices around the world we produce a range of reports based on the current security situation. Our footprint allows us to distill local information into a range of risk analysis and threat-based publications designed especially for people with operational requirements. We support businesses in assessing and adjusting their exposure to strategic and operational risks around the world.

Our .Xplored™ Threat and Incident Reports index threat levels and provide clients with current and detailed updates that deliver critical ground-truth information to assist our personnel and our clients in their decision making.

Example publications include:

– .Xplored Country Reports Published daily, weekly and monthly depending on market and threat state.

– .Xplored City Reports Published as required and tailored to your specific project or industry

– .Xplored Incident Reports Comprehensive briefs to clients in the aftermath of any important security incidents

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