Training solutions

Training solutions

Leading supplier of security training course

As a leading supplier of security training courses, we offer a range of specialist security curriculum that focus on reducing our clients’ exposure to risk and ensuring they are prepared to more safely operate in challenging environments. Quote for services

Since beginning operations we have provided training courses to government agencies, non-governmental organizations, corporations and private individuals throughout the world. Furthermore, we ensure all personnel deployed on our projects meet an appropriate level of training. We also provide our Expatriate, Local National and Third Country National personnel with training so they are able to best respond and handle any situation.

Our current training courses include:

  • Security Brief for Frequent Business Travelers – Online, half day course
  • Refresher, Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)
  • Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)
  • Business Continuity Training
  • Basic Road Safety Training
  • Defensive Driver
  • B6 Armored Vehicle Familiarization
  • RoSPA Accredited Armored Vehicle Training
  • Emergency First Aid in the Workplace (FAW)
  • First Person on Scene (FPOS) Medical Training
  • Crisis Management Team Training
  • Health and Safety in the Workplace
  • Guard Force Training

Our training clients range from government agencies, non-governmental organizations, corporations and private individuals throughout the world.

We have training rooms in our management offices in Dubai, Washington DC, London and Brussels and our training managers are also able to visit client’s offices to conduct training. Our SAFE training ranges from a half day online course to one day or three day classroom to a full five day off site course with practical elements from a dedicated training centre in Wales, England.

If you would like to join our next course or request our training brochure contact us today.

Explanatory notes:
SAFE training is also referred to in the industry as:
HEAT – Hostile Environment Awareness Training or as
CEAT – Complex Environment Awareness Training

“I found the course very interesting and educational. You provided a no-nonsense overview of the situation and lots of useful advice. You were easy to engage with and a compelling presenter.”– Client testimonial HEAT training