GardaWorld Guelph Cash Management and Security Services

Contact your local Guelph GardaWorld branch at +1 855 GO GARDA (464-2732) for reliable security services to protect your people and assets and end-to-end cash management services. Request a quote today and our experts will tailor a personalized plan to meet your organization’s needs.


490 York Road
Guelph ON N1E 6V1

+1 855 GO GARDA (464-2732)

Security Services in Guelph

  • Mobile Patrol in Guelph

    Our mobile patrol services in Guelph are an important part of a successful security system.
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  • Event Security in Guelph

    As part of our event security services in Guelph, professionals with the right experience and know-how ensure that your event runs smoothly.
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  • Airport Security in Guelph

    Our airport security services in Guelph ensure that highly trained airport security personnel provide passenger screening services as well as security for all vulnerable areas.
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  • Executive Protection in Guelph

    With our executive protection services in Guelph, top-notch bodyguards and mobile security solutions protect individuals who may be exposed to increased risk.
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  • Loss Prevention in Guelph

    Our loss prevention services in Guelph are critical: we create an exhaustive prevention plan to help reduce your costs, prevent loss and internal fraud, and improve your inventory management.
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  • Police Force Support Services in Guelph

    In order to allow police officers to focus on their front-line duties, our police support services in Guelph take on certain responsibilities such as responding to lower-priority calls.
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Cash Services in Guelph

  • Cash Vault Services in Guelph

    Thanks to our complete cash vault services in Guelph, financial institutions can process cash more quickly, securely and economically.
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  • ATM Services in Guelph

    Our ATM services in Guelph have you covered, from making sure that you have cash on hand to ensuring your machines are in good working order.
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  • Armored Truck Transport in Guelph

    Our armored truck transport services in Guelph are operated by reliable, highly trained armed security personnel and monitored in real time via our operations centers.
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