GardaWorld Maputo Security Services

Contact your local Maputo GardaWorld branch at +258 21 081 462 for reliable security services to protect your people. Request a quote today and our experts will tailor a personalized plan to meet your organization’s needs.


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+258 21 081 462

Security Services in Maputo

  • Security Guards in Maputo

    With our security guard services in Maputo, rest assured that your people, property and assets are protected. Find out more

  • Mobile Patrol in Maputo

    Our mobile patrol services in Maputo are an important part of a successful security system. Find out more

  • Executive Protection in Maputo

    With our executive protection services in Maputo, top-notch bodyguards and mobile security solutions protect individuals who may be exposed to increased risk. Find out more

  • Event Security in Maputo

    As part of our event security services in Maputo, professionals with the right experience and know-how ensure that your event runs smoothly. Find out more

  • Airport Security in Maputo

    Our airport security services in Maputo ensure that highly trained airport security personnel provide passenger screening services as well as security for all vulnerable areas. Find out more

  • Loss Prevention in Maputo

    Our loss prevention services in Maputo are critical: we create an exhaustive prevention plan to help reduce your costs, prevent loss and internal fraud, and improve your inventory management. Find out more

  • K9 Security in Maputo

    From screening for explosive materials to crowd control, K9 security services in Maputo play an important role. Find out more

  • Asset Tracking in Maputo

    With asset tracking services in Maputo, you can rely on our cutting-edge solutions to keep track of vehicles or personnel. Find out more

  • Travel Security in Maputo

    Our travel security services in Maputo help you fulfill your duty of care obligations by managing your staff’s travel security in real time, 24/7. Find out more

  • Crisis Management in Maputo

    We put you back in control by getting you and your employees out of harm’s way with our crisis management services in Maputo. Find out more

  • Security Consulting in Maputo

    Tailored to your specific needs, our security consulting services in Maputo help you understand, manage, and mitigate your current and future risks. Find out more

  • Investigation Consulting in Maputo

    Make the most informed decisions by having all the relevant information on hand, thanks to our investigation services in Maputo. Find out more

  • Security Products in Maputo

    Take advantage of tested and proven technologies with our security products in Maputo to keep your people and facilities safe. Find out more

  • Access Control in Maputo

    Through our access control services in Maputo, secure your facilities and events by identifying key access points and optimizing security to create an effective security program. Find out more

  • CCTV in Maputo

    Our broad range of CCTV services in Maputo can be tailored to your needs, allowing you to maintain a secure watch on all your facilities, 24/7. Find out more

  • Roadside Assistance in Maputo

    Designed for executives, officials, and others, our rapid-response, 24/7 roadside assistance services in Maputo are for those who may be at an increased security risk when traveling by road. Find out more

  • Facilities Management in Maputo

    With our facilities management services in Maputo, GardaWorld keeps your facilities running smoothly. Whether you’re looking for contractors or to complete your team internally, we can help. Find out more