GardaWorld Abuja FCT Security Services

Contact your local Abuja FCT GardaWorld branch at +234 (0) 908 781 2733 for reliable security services to protect your people. Request a quote today and our experts will tailor a personalized plan to meet your organization’s needs.


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Abuja FCT
Federal Capital Territory

+234 (0) 908 781 2733

Security Services in Abuja

  • Executive Protection in Abuja

    With our executive protection services in Abuja, top-notch bodyguards and mobile security solutions protect individuals who may be exposed to increased risk.
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  • Event Security in Abuja

    As part of our event security services in Abuja, professionals with the right experience and know-how ensure that your event runs smoothly.
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  • K9 Security in Abuja

    From screening for explosive materials to crowd control, K9 security services in Abuja play an important role.
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  • Asset Tracking in Abuja

    With asset tracking services in Abuja, you can rely on our cutting-edge solutions to keep track of vehicles or personnel.
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  • Security Products in Abuja

    Take advantage of tested and proven technologies with our security products in Abuja to keep your people and facilities safe.
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  • Access Control in Abuja

    Through our access control services in Abuja, secure your facilities and events by identifying key access points and optimizing security to create an effective security program.
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  • CCTV in Abuja

    Our broad range of CCTV services in Abuja can be tailored to your needs, allowing you to maintain a secure watch on all your facilities, 24/7.
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  • Mobile Security Services in Abuja

    Discover our Mobile Security Services: let our experienced mobile security teams get you where you need to be—safely and on time.
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