Civil Unrest Response Services

Planning for Civil Unrest and Security Risks

Preparing for any type of crisis or emergency response is a shared responsibility within an organization. The success or failure in response to incidents of civil unrest is predicated upon how an organization prepares in advance for such dynamic incidents.  


Whether you need to prepare for a protest, protect your business during a riot with armed security guards or require ongoing protection from looters, our security experts can provide an on-going consulting program, response plans and qualified uniformed personnel to support your civil unrest needs as they unfold. 


Our Security Consulting Division offers on-demand availability to advise on security risk management matters on a monthly retainer basis from top industry experts. This advisory service increases your visibility to available industry solutions and best practices that will reduce your liability insurance and provide a significant return on investment. 

Develop a tailored plan to prepare your organization for the new normal

We can support your organization by implementing proactive response measures at both the employee and infrastructure levels across the United States.

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The GardaWorld difference

Our 102,000 highly trained professionals are there when and where you need them most. Whether in a high-risk or high-conflict area, or for day-to-day operations, GardaWorld's security services protect your people, your assets and your reputation.

  • Consulting Services
  • Security Guards
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Event Security
  • Security Consulting
  • Loss Prevention
  • Facility Management

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We can support your organization by implementing proactive response measures at both the employee and infrastructure levels across the United States.

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A new reality awaits. GardaWorld can ensure you’re ready

As the pandemic continues to evolve, GardaWorld remains on the leading edge of innovative security solutions to meet the unprecedented challenges faced by businesses, communities and government entities. We offer many services designed to help you manage your staff’s return to work, including:  

  • No-contact temperature screening 

  • Safety protocol monitoring 

  • Security consulting 

  • Virtual and remote monitoring 

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