Travel Security for business travelers: Fulfilling your Duty of care obligation

Securing business travelers around the world

As an employer, you have an important obligation when it comes to the health, safety and security of your employees while they travel on business. It’s even more important to be proactive about understanding and reducing the risks that they face. Our Travel Security Services make it simple to fulfill your duty of care obligations by managing your staff’s safety in real-time while they travel, 24/7.

Duty of care white paper

Duty of care


This white paper addresses the many facets of fulfilling duty of care obligations to business travelers—from assessing risks and informing employees before and during a trip, to monitoring their locations, dynamic risks, as well as protecting them with swift responses.

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Travel Security

Our Travel Security Services make it simple to fulfill your duty of care obligations by managing your staff’s travel security in real-time, 24/7.

Corporate Packages

Our 3 comprehensive packages allow you to take care of your employees from pre-boarding to landing back home.

Travel Checklist

Staying safe while traveling abroad starts before takeoff. Here's what you should do before leaving.

Arab Spring: How we led and managed an emergency evacuation

In January 2011, the social and political climate in various Arab countries was rapidly deteriorating. This led to the need for an emergency evacuation for certain foreign workers in Cairo, Egypt. Thankfully, GardaWorld was there to facilitate the successful evacuation of one of their client’s employees and their families.