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</h4><p>Travel to
this small, prosperous principality generally takes place under excellent


</h4><p>While the
country is one of the best rated in terms of risk exposure, travelers are
advised to take basic precautions to avoid petty theft, such as purse snatching
and pickpocketing, which can occur in places popular with tourists.

</p><p>Thefts have
been reported on means of transportation, notably in trains traveling from and
to Monaco, as well as at the nearby Nice International Airport (NCE), located
over the French border.

to the local authorities, counterfeit euro bills may in circulation.  

Monegasque police may take particularly severe actions regarding incivilities,
violations of public order, and traffic violations, whether these acts are
perpetrated by locals or foreign visitors.


</h4><p>While the
risk of terrorism is low and no prior incidents have occurred, the threat
cannot be totally ruled out, notably given the principality's close ties with


infrastructure in Monaco is of the highest standard.

</p><p>Citizens of
EU member states should note that the European Health Insurance Card does not
cover medical costs in the principality, as Monaco is not itself part of the EU.
Travelers are advised to subscribe to a travel medical insurance and have
access a sufficient funds to cover potential medical treatment costs.


</h4><p>Strikes and
protests affecting transportation can occur. Bus drivers in Monaco went on strike
over working conditions for approximately 20 days in August 2018, disrupting
transportation and access to the principality.

</p><p>When traveling
to Monaco, it is important to note that frequent demonstrations and strikes
occurring in France - affect air and rail travel - could hinder access to the


</h4><p>Monaco is a
constitutional monarchy. Executive power is held by the current prince, Albert
II. The National Council shares legislative power with the prince.

elections were held on February 11, 2018, to elect members of the National
Council. The Primo! Priorité Monaco party won the majority of the vote.


</h4><p><i>Road </i>

infrastructure is in excellent condition in Monaco. Speed and alcohol
regulations are strictly enforced, notably through frequent traffic controls. Traffic
is dense during rush hour periods.

principality of Monaco holds the Formula 1 Grand Prix every year in May or
June, during which traffic is severely disrupted and hotels are typically fully

</p><p>Only cars
licensed in Monaco or the French Alpes-Maritime region are permitted to
circulate in the Monaco-Ville neighborhood.

cycling is discouraged due to sinuous roads and a dense traffic.

</p><p><i>Air </i>

</p><p>There are
no airports in Monaco; the closest is NCE (in Nice, France). The companies &quot;Héli
Sécurité&quot; and &quot;Monacair&quot; provide transportation from NCE to Monaco's heliport.

</p><p><i>Municipal Transportation </i>

</p><p>Six bus
lines serve Monaco-Monte-Carlo.


drunkenness is prohibited.

are not authorized to walk around in their bathing suits in the city.
Appropriate dress codes are required in public areas and religious places.


</h4><p>Monaco is located
in a seismic zone. However, the risk of a major earthquake is low.</p><div class="country-useful-information"><h4>Climate</h4>
<p>Monaco has
a Mediterranean climate. Temperatures are relatively mild throughout the year,
ranging from 28°C (82°F) in the summer to 8°C (46°F) in the winter.</p>

<h4>Useful Numbers</h4>
<td><b>Country Code: </b></td>
<td><b>Police: </b></td>
<td><b>Ambulance: </b></td>
<td>+377 93 30 19 45</td>
<td><b>Fire: </b></td>

<p><b>Voltage: </b>230 V ~ 50 Hz</p>
<p><b>Outlets: </b></p>
<p><img src="/images/outlets/plugC.jpg" /><img src="/images/outlets/plugF.jpg" /></p>

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