Account management structure

Account management structure

An integrated management structure

Each and every component of GardaWorld’s client experience is supported by an account management structure that is aligned with the industries in which we serve our clients. This has led to an unsurpassed level of expertise where clients deal solely with security professionals who understand their challenges and who will recommend solutions drawn from best practices. The management team is composed of security experts who have complete decision-making autonomy to ensure responsiveness when situations must be addressed without delays.

The organizational structure is defined and visible, with each member having clear responsibilities*:

  • Executive managers represent the interests of our clients, serving as central points of contact and a senior customer service interface. They work closely with regional stakeholders to ensure overall contractual compliance, service level performance and account profitability.
  • Account managers provide day-to-day client service representation, ensuring client expectations and contractual requirements are translated into operating instructions. They conduct, in collaboration with onsite security personnel, site inspections and audits to implement efficient preventative and correction actions for continuous improvement of the security program.
  • Site supervisors maintain site controls daily and act as liaison between the GardaWorld management team and client representatives to address potential issues and feedback.
  • Mobile patrols & dispatch centre operators direct the on-site operations 24/7 and provide emergency responses after hours, equipment delivery, and contingency for open shifts.

*Note that exact titles may vary depending on regional structure.

A 24/7/365 support

GardaWorld operates a 24/7/365 national and fully bilingual control centre in Montreal mirrored by four supporting control centres in Toronto, Edmonton, Ottawa and Quebec, which provide the critical redundancy for service emergencies, an integral component of GardaWorld Disaster Recovery Plan. GardaWorld control centres’ operators are responsible for monitoring employee schedules during and after business hours and are available to assist employees and clients during emergencies.

In addition to our control centres, GardaWorld operates a dedicated alarm response line and can have reinforcements dispatched 24/7 at any given time.