Health & safety

“Think safe. Talk safe. Work safe.”

Our people are our most important asset, their health and safety are a priority.

At GardaWorld, we are committed to ensuring that our employees have a safe and healthy work environment. Our occupational health and safety program is guided by a zero accident objective and directly addresses health, safety and security needs according to clients’ priorities and ours. It allows us to raise awareness among employees and to control related costs. Our rate of contribution to the worker’s compensation system is among the lowest in the entire Canadian security industry.

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We believe that maintaining an accident-free workplace for our employees is as important as delivering quality services to our clients. In this respect, we provide proper personal protective equipment (PPE), trainings and procedures to our security guards. We empower our people to take charge of their safety and well-being by following these procedures, and, wherever possible, improving them.

The GardaWorld occupational health and safety program relies on:

  • more than 40 safe work practices reviewed continuously and promoted internally.
  • safe work procedures that outline a list of specifications along with a step-by-step description of tasks specific to the job. These procedures grant officers the know how to perform their daily tasks both effectively and safely.
  • continuous and monthly inspections to identify potential hazards and implement preventative and corrective actions.
  • investigations and analysis of all accidents and near misses.
  • a comprehensive “return to work” program that combines several specialized clinics and provides workplace accident victims with quick healthcare and disability management services.
  • a confidential complaint and investigation line to allow employees to anonymously report workplace harassment or violence issues.

Discover how GardaWorld has continuously helped Suncor promote occupational health & safety.