Uniforms & values

Uniforms & values

Our uniform, our pride.

In the security industry, our image is a symbol of professionalism. The uniform conveys power and authority, order and conformity. It provides peace of mind and reassurance by making our people instantly recognizable; it allows people to quickly identify the “go-to” person in case of an emergency.

We offer four main uniform styles:

  • Low-profile concierge style: sophisticated and customer service oriented
  • Military style: highly visible and adapted to various weather conditions
  • High-profile tactical style: designed to maximize the deterrent effect
  • Special event style: professional and adapted to the nature of the event

At GardaWorld, we wear our uniform with pride. It’s part of our commitment to excellence. Our seal signifies the strength of this commitment and the bravery and decisiveness of our people.

The lion represents the best of GardaWorld: a leader with a strong will to protect what our clients hold dear.

 Our values define who we are as we interact with each other, our clients and the general public:GardaWorld Protective Services Badge

  • Our integrity is the moral force that drives everything we do, every day with everyone with whom we interact.
  • We secure and strengthen the trust that our clients place in us to safeguard their people, assets and business.
  • We are vigilant in mitigating risk and enabling clients to safely and securely do business throughout the country.
  • We win our clients’ respect with the quality of our services and the absolute commitment of our people.