Commercial & corporate properties

Specialized security for commercial and corporate properties

A safe and secure environment for workers and visitors

GardaWorld provides specialized real estate security services for corporate buildings, office towers, and warehouse facilities. Request a quote.

Corporate security managers experience unique security challenges to their premises and need highly reliable professionals. We have the expertise and the infrastructure required to offer elite security services to protect clients’ customers, property and premises, including:

  • Highly-trained security guards
  • Mobile patrols
  • 24/7 alarm response units
  • Site security assessments
  • Security breach prevention
  • Specialized training
  • High-end security technologies to streamline operations
  • Administrative support

GardaWorld’s security professionals can be dressed with a sophisticated concierge style uniform to demonstrate authority while providing an enjoyable and professional experience for the general public on a daily basis.

Discover how GardaWorld has helped prevent emergency situations in The Bow office tower.