Municipalities & government

Public security for local, regional and federal government bodies

Bringing peace of mind to Canadian residents

As one of the biggest government security contractors, GardaWorld has the expertise to protect government properties and provide a wide range of public security services. Request a quote.

We support Canadian governmental institutions and municipalities to protect residents, critical assets and intellectual property by providing:

  • Highly-trained security guards
  • Access control to restricted areas
  • Mobile patrols (parks, skating rinks , parking lots, major streets)
  • 24/7 civilian oversight services
  • First responders to emergencies
  • Event security and crowd management
  • Security services and administrative support in detention centres
  • Site inspections and risk assessment plans
  • Specialized training, including terrorist threat rising awareness

When implemented with rigor and common sense, outsourcing is equally capable of making a significant contribution to public services. At GardaWorld, we have the capacity and capability to deal with large government contracts, and we have already established rigorous compliance and government models to meet regulatory standards.

GardaWorld’s security professionals know 140+ Canadian towns and cities they work in, inside and out; our deep local sets us apart. They are supported by five national control centres that provide the critical redundancy necessary in case of emergency. Our gTrack technology enables alarm signals to be received within seconds, for an effective and timely response.

Discover how GardaWorld worked around the clock to support the Fort McMurray’s community during the 2016 June wildfires.