Mobile patrols & alarm response units

Mobile patrols and alarm response units

An ongoing monitoring and inspection of protected sites

GardaWorld mobile units provide security around the clock, seven days a week, 365 days a year, indoors and out, whether it is an office building, a warehouse or a parking lot. Patrollers perform surveillance and inspection duties according to either a predetermined timetable or a random schedule. They also handle alarm systems and ensure that police intervene when necessary. Request a quote.

A quick and effective response to emergency situations

Our vehicles are equipped with radio, GPS and safety equipment, so mobile security guards can be in constant communication with our five operations centres at any given time and act fast in the event of an emergency. In addition, GardaWorld operates a dedicated alarm response line. Alarm response requests can be dispatched by the centre 24 hours per day.

With gTrack, our guard tour and real-time incident management system, we manage and optimize your patrol operations at all times. The mobile application allows our supervisors and clients to review checkpoint entries, respond instantly to incidents that require an immediate action, and analyze reports and statistics.

“Since we have integrated gTrack, we are able to support our clients in making data-driven security decisions with the rich reporting offered in gTrack’s powerful analytics tool. We have rolled the solution out to numerous locations and have had incredible feedback from our clients.” – Luc Dupont, Vice President, GardaWorld Protective Services Quebec

Check out this video  to see how gTrack can help you increase your efficiency, accountability and profitability.