Pre-board & cargo screening

Securing safe passage in a complex world

The world changed after September 11, 2001, and security was redefined. Quickly adapting to an increasing demand, GardaWorld developed a unique service offering to meet your security and operational needs. Request a quote.

Passenger screening

Using specialized equipment, our rigorously trained and certified screening officers and frontline managers ensure effective and efficient screening for passengers. Our Regional Operations Centres communicate on a daily basis with the frontline staff providing them with up-to-date information about worldwide activities relating to security, people and infrastructure. This better prepares us to respond to evolving threats that exist in our environment.

Non-passenger screening (NPS)

Our security screening personnel ensures thorough screening of flight and cabin crews, airline customer service personnel, maintenance personnel, baggage handlers and other airport personnel accessing restricted and secured zones of airports.

Non-passenger screening of vehicles (NPS-V)

We screen vehicles and their occupants for threat items using a walk through metal detector (WTMD) or hand-held metal detector (HHMD).

Cargo screening and airfreight security

We perform content, dimension, shape and seal checks on air cargo to determine its safety before being loaded on to an aircraft, whether it is a cargo plane or an airliner. Control methods include physical inspection, sniffer dogs, explosive trace detection and x-ray screening.