Libya Security Services

Our prospective clients around the world want to know where GardaWorld is working, how we operate and if we have the experience, logistics, personnel and equipment to meet their security requirements. That’s why we’ve produced our International Capability Sheets, which describe the work we do on a country-by-country basis.

Our International Capability Sheets provide the straight facts, including how long we’ve been operating in the country, our local partners, our on-the-ground personnel, infrastructure, equipment, and much more. They feature detailed descriptions of previous and ongoing services as well as testimonials from our clients—which include major hotel chains, oil and gas companies, non-government organizations and tech companies.

With GardaWorld’s range of security services, businesses can avoid the crises and downtime that commonly affect companies operating abroad. Our services include crisis prevention training, airport escorts, static and mobile security, as well as emergency response, just to name a few.

From Afghanistan to Mozambique, GardaWorld facilitates hundreds of companies’ day-to-day operations and special projects in 30 countries around the world.

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