Security & Specialized Services

The best fit to meet all your security needs.

As a worldwide leader in global security services, GardaWorld’s highly trained and qualified personnel protect your business, your people and your assets when and where you need us most. Whether in a high risk conflict zone or ordinary day-to-day operations, GardaWorld’s security services are there to keep you safe. We work on behalf of our clients to manage reputation, enhance customer service, secure a safe workspace and allow employees and leaders to focus on improving daily operations.

We offer a broad range of security products to help improve your overall security. Product ranges include access control, CCTV and perimeter security.
GardaWorld offers a full suite of cutting-edge, GPS-based, asset tracking services for personnel, vehicles, and containers.
As an established elite security company, we are well positioned to deliver the necessary support for our clients’ operations.
We offer industry-leading travel security services from the Crisis24 global security portal and GPS traveler tracking to crisis management and emergency response.
The experts at GardaWorld security consulting are ready 24/7 to help your organization plan for and respond to security challenges and crises.
Specialized Services
GardaWorld is the acknowledged leader for outsourced road flagging and security for road construction in Quebec.
You can drive anywhere with complete peace of mind knowing GardaWorld’s roadside assistance will respond immediately to any problem with 24-hour emergency service.
GardaWorld can help provide you with facility management, janitorial services, and minor maintenance and repairs to keep your facilities running smoothly.