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Airport Security Services

Airport Security Services

GardaWorld's highly qualified personnel provide a wide range of airport security services, including pre-board screening and services for all vulnerable areas of airports. We are a trusted partner to governments, airport authorities, airlines and private freight carriers.

Airport security services: pre-board screening

GardaWorld provides comprehensive pre-board screening services, including:

  • Passenger screening by certified agents and frontline managers
  • Non-passenger screening: flight and cabin crews, airline customer service personnel, maintenance personnel, baggage handlers and other airport staff
  • Inspection of vehicles entering secure areas of the airport; drivers, passengers and their personal belongings are screened using a walk-through metal detector or a portable metal detector
  • Verification of the contents, dimensions, shapes and seals of air cargo before it’s loaded onto a cargo or passenger aircraft. Our methods include physical inspections, detection dogs, explosive trace detection and X-ray inspection.

Airport security: securing vulnerable areas

When it comes to airport security, it’s essential to identify access points and to develop a comprehensive security program. Public access can become a bottleneck, while restricted areas requires special security protocols to ensure that only authorized personnel can access them. GardaWorld has the expertise and resources to cover all your access control needs:

  • Access control and ID card validation for restricted areas
  • Bag and checked baggage screening
  • Thorough search of cabins and luggage
  • Patrolling the facilities, including airport infrastructure, 24/7
  • Airport and aircraft security, including escorts for operations, cabin inspection, baggage area security, identity verification, special security for flights to high-risk destinations, protection of restricted areas, access control to facilities and cargo escort
  • Responding to security breaches, bomb threats and all other emergencies, including medical emergencies

To learn more about the advantages of our airport security services, read or download our brochure or contact us to get a quote.