Security Consulting

Security Audits

Security Audits

A comprehensive security audit by our certified consultants and experienced inspectors can make all the difference. We have the expertise to help you identify gaps in your current security measures and create an action plan to improve your physical security, building safety and fire prevention practices.

 Security Audits

Security audit action plans are all about prevention.

For a prevention plan to be effective, it requires a first-class security audit. Our consultants and inspectors not only identify gaps in your current security measures, but also provide a detailed and personalized report containing a concrete action plan. The plan includes strategies and deterrents, as well as a timetable for implementation with the priorities clearly identified.

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Physical security

The physical security measures your property has in place are in your control, and it’s never too late to improve upon them. We can help you ensure that your building is secure.

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Building safety

Keeping employees and visitors safe is not a responsibility that should be taken lightly. Make sure you have the proper systems and safety features in place.

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Fire safety

Doing everything you can to keep your property secure and people safe includes having a foolproof fire safety plan. We can help with this.

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