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Security Skills for the Traveler

Security Skills for the Traveler

Understand the risks associated with international travel

The safety of your employees is too important to leave to chance. This immersive training course provides security skills for international travel and critical resources in the event of dangerous situations. By completing this course your employees will better understand the risks associated with international travel and have the tools to mitigate those risks.

More importantly, they’ll be able to travel with increased confidence as the security skills and resources in this course become “Second Nature”.

Security Skills for the Traveler

Course Content and Duration

This is a 3 hour course with built in test questions. Developed by experienced travelers, expatriates and international security professionals, the course is split into 6 modules that focus on key topics such as:

  • Preparing for a trip
  • Handling “what if” situations
  • Increasing awareness of key details to help keep the traveler safe
  • Learning how to blend into the crowd and avoid becoming an easy target

The first module is essential core knowledge dealing with the basics of your trip. It has closed caption translations in English, French, Spanish, Polish & Turkish.

The further 5 modules provide additional guidance on focused areas: Defensive Driving, Expatriate security, Surviving a hostage situation, Counterintelligence and a further optional module focusing on the security skills for the female traveller. There is a section of self-study material which includes security tools, cultural briefs and other information pertinent to the traveler’s safety and is accessible via an ‘in-course’ resource centre called the ‘Traveler’s Suitcase.’


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