Physical Security

Our highly trained physical security team is composed of certified security specialists whose training and professionalism are your guarantee of safety in all circumstances.

Our highly trained and experienced security guards are dedicated to protecting your facilities, assets and people. Let us help you define your security needs.
GardaWorld mobile patrol units provide 24-hour security and emergency response, seven days a week, 365 days a year, indoors and out.
GardaWorld's mobile security services are provided by highly trained security personnel in a fleet of B6 armored and softskin vehicles.
Our executive protection teams provide security services for diplomats and commercial clients in high-risk and complex environments.
Specialized event security teams for your sporting or cultural events of any size.
GardaWorld’s highly trained airport security personnel provide passenger screening as well as security for all other vulnerable areas.
When it comes to your store, construction site, plant, warehouse or distribution centre, protecting your inventory from loss is essential. Our loss prevention professionals help reduce your costs, prevent loss or internal fraud, and improve inventory management.
Our security professionals have the capability to take on some police services: detainee surveillance, escort transportation, court services.
GardaWorld provides vital expertise for industrial fire protection and outsources expert fire protection teams.
GardaWorld’s K9 security units are trained for security and screening, including search and detection of intruders, explosive materials and narcotics.
GardaWorld offers a full suite of cutting-edge, GPS-based, asset tracking services for personnel, vehicles, and containers.
GardaWorld’s GTrack system is a cutting-edge mobile security workforce monitoring and reporting technology that streamlines operations and provides analytics.