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Police Force Support Services

Police Force Support Services

Our police support services allow police officers to focus on their frontline duties. We make this possible by taking on certain responsibilities, such as monitoring public areas and responding to lower-priority calls.

GardaWorld police force support service agent as part of our physical security services

Our police support services ensure your officers can be where you need them most.

In an age of tight public budgets, governments and institutions are increasingly looking to the private sector for police support services. And police departments are no exception. At GardaWorld, we can take care of your force’s non-critical tasks, so your officers can focus on their core areas of expertise.

Outsourcing non-essential tasks to trained private security professionals enables your police force to focus on critical duties, such as crime investigations. In many places, outsourcing certain services has made it possible to increase police presence when necessary, while decreasing crime rates. In fact, a recent survey* shows that Canadians are in favor of using security companies to support police forces.

*Source: Ipsos Public Affairs, November 2017