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Crisis Management Consulting

Crisis Management Consulting

GardaWorld crisis management consulting are the acknowledged leaders in the field. Whether you are facing natural disasters, industrial crises, geopolitical tensions or risk caused by labor unrest, we are there to help. Our crisis management consulting team can provide the guidance and support to respond quickly and appropriately to whatever situation arises.

Crisis management consulting for emergency response

In an emergency situation, all crisis management consulting activity is coordinated by the command team. Located at our crisis response center, their role is to ensure a strategic and coordinated response to any eventuality (including evacuations). Our number one priority is to ensure our clients have the front line support they need to keep their staff and facilities safe.

If conditions are likely to worsen, a team of responders is dispatched as soon as possible to control the situation and provide local assessment. All the while, at our crisis center, consultants provide strategic and logistical support and coordination to make sure our teams on the ground have everything they need to keep you safe.

In partnership with leading medical assistance companies, we provide you with strategic and operational advice:

  • Strategic: evaluate and propose several modes of crisis management, taking into account not only operational but also juridical, financial and media aspects

  • Operational: on the local level and inside the crisis cell, to coordinate multifaceted responses that include the families, the media, the authorities and any other parties involved. We continuously assess the situation, advise you on possible options and help you implement your decisions.

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Crisis management consulting for labor relations

GardaWorld’s crisis management consulting service has a team of labor relations professionals who specialize in managing strikes and labor disruptions of all types. Our labor relations experts have the experience, knowledge, and training to deal with a variety of delicate and extreme situations. Our labor management professionals are constantly upgrading the strategies they use to minimize risks to personnel safety to the company’s facilities, equipment, and corporate image. Our solutions include:

GardaWorld’s crisis management consulting team has an excellent reputation in labor relations and employee rights. This allows us work closely with our client’s executives to create contingency plans that reduce the risks of labor unrest and incorporates best practices in business continuity.

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