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Crisis Response

Crisis Response

International emergencies, whether they are political, social, medical or meteorological in nature can put your expat employees and business travelers at risk. GardaWorld’s crisis response team is ready at all times for all eventualities. Our proactive approach means we go beyond simply reacting by pre-planning to mitigate risks.

Crisis response: emergency scenario planning

International crisis response missions cannot be ad hoc, improvised affairs. People’s lives are at stake, and their chances of survival are directly proportional with the plans and procedures that have been put in place to deal with the specific scenario.

In partnership with major emergency healthcare organizations, the GardaWorld crisis response team deploys the personnel, technology, logistics and medical support necessary to assure the best possible outcome. We supply the strategic and operational know-how to keep your people safe.

  • Strategic support in order to evaluate threats and crisis scenarios and provide response plans that take into account operational, political, legal, financial, and public relations impacts.

  • Operational support at a local level to optimize the response on the ground and the outreach to stakeholders such as families, the media, government and law enforcement.  

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Leveraging cutting-edge technology to improve crisis response

Our crisis response team has extensive experience working in elevated threat environments in Africa, Central and South America, the Middle East and Asia. The advanced technologies available to our team at the crisis response center allow our experts to respond immediately, 24/7, on a global basis.

We respond to situations that put your staff and business travelers at risk such as:

  • Illegal arrest

  • Political unrest or violence

  • Natural disasters

  • Evacuation

  • Kidnap for ransom

Our crisis response team will support your personnel and alert key decision makers within your organization. We will coordinate with local law enforcement and activate the emergency protocols but in place to deal with the scenario. All of this with the objective of controlling the situation before the risk level can escalate.

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GardaWorld also offers a range of crisis prevention training courses to help your executives, expat workers, and business travelers reduce risk and stay safe.