Traveler Tracking

GPS Tracking for Travelers

GPS Tracking for Travelers

GardaWorld’s GPS tracking solutions are designed to help business travelers maintain their security in a world where new risks can emerge rapidly. Our GPS tracking solutions provide a new level of trackability for organizations whose personnel have to travel to or work in high-risk areas.

Two types of GPS tracking solutions for two types of traveler

We offer two different types of GPS tracking solutions to meet travelers’ needs:

  • Crisis Messenger™ App: For travelers who operate with GSM connectivity (more than 180 countries) the Crisis Messenger™ for Android and iOS allows personnel to report their GPS position instantaneously, either to an email or SMS recipient (point-to-point) or to our online monitoring platform with alert notification features.

  • Military grade GPS/ satellite tracker: For travelers and staff who operate where there is GSM coverage or in volatile areas we offer an integrated, military grade GPS/satellite tracker that uses the Iridium satellite network to provide full global coverage.

When it comes to emergency situations, reliability is the key criterion. Our two systems have been field tested and proven in operations since 2005.

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