Travel Security

Traveler Tracking

Traveler Tracking

In an ever-changing world, the ability to track your staff anywhere in the world becomes more and more valuable. We offer a traveler tracking tool to clients that allows travel itineraries, reservations, online registrations (through Carlson Wagonlit and American Express) and GPS data to be uploaded and viewed through our portal.

GPS traveler tracking and much more

We continuously monitor your staff and cross-check their locations with events that could impact their security and disrupt their trip, offering a predictive travel risk mitigation service. We support this tracking with detailed movement reporting which is issued daily to operations teams, and weekly activity summaries are also prepared and sent to the designated contacts.

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24/7 traveler tracking

Our traveler tracking service allows us to advise travelers and employers immediately in the event of a natural disaster, terrorist attack or other critical incidents. We are then able to geo-fence your staff positions on our mapping database and send targeted messages of advice to them. Our team of analysts also provide on-demand briefings, situation reports, and risk mapping to our customers on request.

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Traveler tracking portal

You’ve entrusted the tracking of your international staff and business travelers to GardaWorld. But you’d still like to be able to check in on them to make sure they are safe. GardaWorld’s traveler tracking portal allows you to:

  • Plan movements of employees in high-risk areas and adapt itineraries and security protocols

  • Activate heightened monitoring and support for specific high-risk areas

  • Quickly identify which employees could potentially be involved in the case of an event such as a plane crash or a terrorist attack

  • Maintain periodic contact

Our travel security team can help your organization set up a tailored traveler tracking program to fit your budget and requirements.

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You are an existing Traveler Tracking client? Access the portal here.