She Began as a Cash Room Processor. Now, Harjit T.’s Expertise is Sought After by Banks Across the Country.

October 21, 2020

Over 12 years, Harjit T. grew her expertise and confidence at GardaWorld. Now, she’s a supervisor with several successful projects from across Canada under her belt.


I started at G4S in 2008 and then transitioned to GardaWorld when they acquired G4S’s cash services division. I worked as a processor in the cash room in Edmonton. However, I wanted to learn other areas too, so I took the opportunity to work in almost every department. I was promoted to lead hand. In 2016, GardaWorld offered me an opportunity to join management. I was promoted to supervisor of cash vault services in Edmonton.


A job that’s never boring, and lets you grow

I love that the work at GardaWorld is challenging and different every day. You learn and grow so much as a professional. There are always opportunities available to take on new responsibilities and learn more, which has always inspired me. This isn’t a job where you watch the clock and wait for the shift to end.

I’ve become better at managing people and being assertive. I used to be nervous about talking to people I didn’t know well, especially the mostly males in the cash trucks. My personality has become stronger and I’ve developed better social skills.


Building management skills that are sought after across the country

When I joined management, we had just landed a contract with ATB Financial, a bank in Alberta. I was working long hours and it was very challenging. But when I look back on those days, I feel a sense of pride about what we were able to accomplish and our success.  

We also accomplished a lot in the work we did for the Bank of Nova Scotia. I got the opportunity to go to Mississauga to help with a processing project.

Then, I went to Victoria to assist with a cash vault system transformation project. I went to Calgary a number of times to support their operations too. It was exciting to travel across the country and meet the challenge of implementing new systems.

We didn’t let anybody down. We really raised the profile of our Edmonton office, and I got so much recognition from our clients and the company for my work. Now, I’m still as busy as ever. With COVID, we’ve faced staff shortages, but I’ve continued to work hard to ensure we give our clients the level of service we’ve promised them. Even when I was in self-isolation for two weeks, I was working non-stop throughout the day to ensure top-notch customer service.


Advice for those starting careers at GardaWorld

The No. 1 thing is to stay committed, and always be ready to acquire new skills and knowledge. There are a lot of growth opportunities here, and senior managers with more years of experience to learn from. Over time, you’ll build great relationships, gain confidence, and GardaWorld will feel like home. You just have to step up.


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