White papers
  • Duty of care

    Employers have an important obligation when it comes to the health, safety and security of their employees, and that obligation doesn’t end when an employee leaves the country. In fact, when an employee travels on business, it’s even more important for companies to be proactive about understanding and reducing the risks that the employee faces.

  • International Travel Checklist

    Staying safe while traveling abroad starts before takeoff. Here’s what you should do before leaving.

  • Travel Security Essentials

    If you’re traveling, you may be faced with various risks. Here’s what you need to know to stay safe.

  • Workplace Violence Q&A

    Q&A transcript from our Preventing Violence in the Emergency Room Webinar. Answers provided by the webinar's presenter, Michael Fenton, CPP, PSP.

  • Transition Plan

    Transitioning security programs successfully.

  • Trained Security Professionals

    Why you should only rely on well-trained security professionals.

  • Three Questions to Ask

    What to look for in a security provider? Three key questions to ask.

  • Security Self-Assessment Checklist

    Taking the time to look at your organization's security program is critical to keeping your people, assets and reputation safe.

  • Health & Safety tips

    Health & safety tips for a secure work environment.

  • Labour conflicts

    Mitigating the risks of labour conflicts.

  • ISO 9001 registration

    Affirming company quality with ISO 9001 registration.

  • Event Security

    Providing effective security for major events.

  • Escalation Plan

    Be prepared to secure your business: get an escalation plan.