How Military Experience Makes You a Perfect Fit for GardaWorld

September 26, 2018

Coming out of the military and adapting to civilian life can have its challenges, but one thing is certain—the experience that you gain and the values that are impressed upon you in the military are incredibly relevant in pursuing a career at a company like GardaWorld. In fact, the following key military values are at the essence of GardaWorld: Integrity, Trust, Vigilance and Respect.

If you have experience in the armed forces, then you already know how important these are in a military context. Read on to discover how embodying these values makes you a great candidate for working at GardaWorld.


In the military, you learned the value of integrity. You knew that your life and the lives of your fellow officers depended on the integrity of everyone in the chain of command. Telling the truth, being honest, and doing the right thing meant life or death. Your word was your bond and when you made a commitment, you always delivered.

At GardaWorld, the stakes may be different, but integrity is still one of our core values. Our clients depend on us to uphold our commitment and deliver on our word. We want to hire reservists and veterans who understand the importance of integrity and who are looking for an employer who shares this value.


“I’ve got your six.” If you have military experience then you know what it means to have someone’s back, and what it means for someone to have yours. Trust is the basis of an effective team, and without it the team falls apart. It is demonstrated in different ways: trust in the chain of command; trust in the judgment of your reports; trust that your equipment will not fail when deployed on operations; and perhaps most importantly, trust that the people standing beside you will do their job with the same earnestness as you, that they will cover your back, and that you will do the same for them.

At GardaWorld, we’ve got your six. We’re building a company where veterans and reservists can grow meaningful careers, using the skills they developed and refined while in the military. We take the best of those skills and apply them to our business. We value trust, and our clients trust us with their safety and security 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Whether on patrol or on the flight deck, in the operations centre or at sea, the military demands vigilance from its officers. Being alert, remaining aware, looking out for unusual patterns or behaviours, recognizing that something is out of place, checking and double-checking equipment, and testing security protocols are all critical practices that the military reinforces throughout all levels of its organization. Vigilance ensures safety.

Likewise, GardaWorld knows the importance of vigilance. Our clients rely on the vigilance of our professional teams to keep them safe and secure. A sharp eye and a knowing look can make the difference in protecting our clients. GardaWorld is actively recruiting veterans and reservists to join its team and apply their watchful and attentive judgment to our practice.


In the military, you learned about the power of respect: respect for yourself; respect for your colleagues; respect for your superiors; respect for the responsibility placed on your shoulders; respect for the rules of law and armed conflict; and finally, respect for the equipment used in camp and deployed on operations. Without respect, you could not have completed the tasks assigned to you.

At GardaWorld, respect is equally important since the success of our business depends on the respect demonstrated by every member of our team. Just as we respect our employees, we expect our employees to respect themselves, respect our brand and company, respect one another, and most importantly, respect our clients.

Having already cultivated the values outlined above in the military can give you a competitive advantage at GardaWorld.

If you are interested in applying for a job at GardaWorld, visit our careers site to explore our job openings and career opportunities.