Aaron Wray helps apprehend a prolific vehicle thief 

July 13, 2018

A security guard at the Edmonton International Airport, Aaron Wray, helped police apprehend a man suspected of several recent vehicle thefts on the airport property last month.


Aaron was able to identify the suspect after noting the resemblance of the man to a photo of a wanted individual. Quick to advise authorities, Aaron’s swift response and keen observation led to the suspect’s arrest.   


Two weeks prior to the arrest, the suspect broke into and stole a Ford pickup truck parked at the airport. Unbeknownst to the offender, the truck was a bait vehicle equipped with a tracking device and cameras, destined to identify the thief. Alerted of the crime, the police tried to intercept the man in the vehicle, but he managed to flee. 


The suspect, identified as Bruce Wayne Larter, was already wanted on outstanding warrants and had a long rap sheet – a criminal record dating back to 1983 with over 125 convictions for property, driving, fail to comply, escape lawful custody, flight, unlawfully at large, obstruction, weapons, and drug offences.  


Aaron’s vigilance and timeliness in alerting officials deserves to be commended. Well done, Aaron! 


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