GardaWorld employee Ambassadors: recognizing and rewarding excellence

February 13, 2014

As the largest privately owned security company in the world, GardaWorld has two sets of stakeholders to thank for its success. One is our customers, of course. The other is our employees—more than 45,000 around the globe.


Without both, GardaWorld would simply not exist. However, without great employees, our customers would go elsewhere. That’s why GardaWorld invests heavily in recruiting the right people and training them well.


A step further. GardaWorld has found that, on top of good recruitment and training, it’s more likely to retain high performers through programs that recognize and reward their model behaviors and, in many cases, help internally publicize new, more effective ways of doing their work that can serve as best practices across the company.


In Canada, for example, we recognize employees who exceed expectations through our “Ambassador” program. Although it’s operated at the local branch level, it provides a consistent, standardized approach across all our operating regions for recognizing employees.


This program enables our managers who discover employees performing at exceptional levels, especially in serving our customers, to honor those employees by appointing them to be GardaWorld Ambassadors. These appointments, in turn, qualify the employees for national recognition by way of a President’s Award.


Living our values. What are the criteria? While each GardaWorld branch owner has discretion in recognizing employees as Ambassadors, they’re expected to seek out, recognize and reward those that personify any of the following GardaWorld company values:


  • • Responsible:  We’re committed to protecting our clients’ people and assets as if they were our own.

  • • Flexible:  We act with a sense of urgency and are known for our agility.

  • • Reliable:  We deliver what our customers expect, when they expect it.

  • • Entrepreneurial:  We own our business, are ambitious and confident about our place in the world.

  • • Accountable:  We understand the importance of strong governance and maintain the highest standards of compliance.


Role models. Consider these two examples. First is George Allen, a GardaWorld physical security specialist in our Protective Services team out of Toronto. His supervisor recognized him recently for his handling of an emergency during his shift at work:


“George showed exceptional handling of a staff accident this past Tuesday evening. His quick and professional response to this incident did not go unnoticed. Many staff commented on his calm and professional demeanor and his report was detailed and complete. He followed all required processes well helping to secure environment and ensure safety for all occupants and EMS personnel.”


Second is Abbas Haakemzadeh, a GardaWorld physical security specialist who’s also part of our Protective Services team but works at a customer site in Winnipeg. In this case, our customer commended his day-to-day initiative:


“We are very pleased with the service provided by our day guard Abbas. He is very professional and courteous in carrying out his duties and dealing with people. He’s constantly pointing out issues with the facility, such as lights burnt out, potential hazards, and other issues. He is more than willing to address any issues that arise and assist where he can.”


In short, both George and Abbas are leading by example. Not only do they win well-earned recognition for what “living our values” means in how they do their work, but their Ambassador designations also set them forth as role models for other employees in their daily work.


Just rewards. GardaWorld Ambassadors win a gift certificate, a personalized wall certificate, a lapel pin for their uniforms, GardaWorld-branded clothing, company recognition and a chance to win a President’s Award. Each year, we honor scores of employees for excellence in conducting their job. We’re proud of them and of their service to our customers and to their fellow employees!