How to know when to outsource the service of your ATMs

February 24, 2016

Your customers access your ATMs for convenience and reliability. They simply expect immediate access to their cash exactly when they need it. Behind the scenes, ATMs are machines that need constant attention, whether that’s replenishing notes, clearing a paper jam, or replacing parts. If you own more than one ATM, making sure your machines are always running at optimum capacity can become a cumbersome endeavor.

You never want to lose customers due to a cash-out situation, so how do you know when you should be calling the experts rather than trying to service machines on your own? It comes down to four points of consideration.

1. Liability. Servicing your ATM without proper security opens you up to a number of risks including theft. When you outsource maintenance and replenishment, be sure to look for an armed service provider who is properly trained to securely service your machines. This protects you, your machines, and your customers.

2. Speed. Most ATM service companies offer eCash replenishment, so you don’t get stuck running to the bank last minute when your machine is out of cash, especially in an afterhours situation.

3. Growth opportunity. If you’re looking to expand beyond your local geographical boundaries, you’ll want to look for a provider with a large footprint to be able to service all of your machines and help you reach economies of scale. Otherwise, you’d need to hire many smaller ATM maintenance and service vendors to properly manage your machines.

4. Expertise. ATM management companies are experts in servicing your ATMs. They can help you optimize your machines with better forecasting to reduce the number of days you need service, accounting for seasonal or event-based ebb and flow and helping your reduce cash outages and surpluses.



Over time, you expect to grow your business. With more ATMs, comes more complexity and the need to partner with a provider who can ensure all of your machines are up and running, allowing you to focus on what you do best—optimizing your own cash flow.

GardaWorld offers a full service solution including 24 hour service, automated dispatch for eCash replenishment, forecasting for efficient funds management and certified ATM technicians. Contact us today to see how a strategic partnership could help you optimize your ATMs.