Screening officer: A pivotal role to airport security

February 14, 2019

Every day, GardaWorld airport screening officers process thousands of people and their personal belongings. It’s a challenging job with no room for error, but it’s also a rewarding one when you serve as part of the GardaWorld team at one of 28 airports across Canada.


Visitors from all walks of life

“What I enjoy most about my job is working with an amazing group of people,” says Kristen Parker, a Screening Officer at the Ottawa International Airport (YOW). “I really like working with the public, meeting new people from all cultures, and providing great customer service.” Screeners see visitors from all walks of life, from world travelers to people flying for business to families going on holiday. And, every day, we keep them safe and make sure they reach their destinations.

Screening Officers greet, direct, and inform passengers through the screening process. They provide a quick, thorough and courteous service, protecting passengers, airline crew members and airport staff in the secured areas of the airport and on board their flights. People skills are a must, with the ability to easily communicate with both fellow teammates and travelers. 


Agent au contrôle préembarquement GardaWorld : un rôle pivot en sécurité aéroportuaire


Screening Officers also regularly conduct manual body searches. Understandably sometimes uncomfortable for passengers, officers perform these searches with the highest degree of respect and integrity. Every passenger is a distinguished person throughout the security process as we ready them to enter the secured area of the airport. We want every traveler to not only be safe but feel safe, knowing they’re in the capable hands of GardaWorld employees.


Excellent team support

Screening Officers are part of a team that support one another to provide seamless solutions for passengers. They must be able to work well in a team environment, communicate in an appropriate manner and follow directions as needed.

GardaWorld screening officers are part of the exciting field of airport security. Their vigilance ensures the greatest level of security for passengers both in the boarding area and on the plane. Our success is seen in the protection granted to travelers across Canada who are able to travel safely.



Specialized and rigorous training

New employees receive up to 180 hours of paid, specialized and rigorous training, both in class and on-the-job, to certify them as a Screening Officer. They become experts in how to handle a wide range of situations, from providing proper customer service to passengers with special needs to initiating emergency procedures should a prohibited item, such as a firearm or an improvised explosive device, is discovered.

Being alert and detail-oriented is key in responding to unfolding events. The ability to prioritize and multi-task under pressure in a dynamic environment is also highly valued, allowing appropriate reactions within sometimes chaotic situations.

We also train our screeners on how to use all the latest technology, including x-ray machines, walk-through and hand-held metal detectors and full-body scanners. Candidates should be able to learn how to capably use this equipment during the training period.




Think you have what it takes? Apply to become a screening officer and safeguard the skies with GardaWorld.