Réponse aux pandémies

Pandemic Response: Business continuity services for the U.S.

Pandemic Response: Business continuity services for the U.S.

A new reality awaits. GardaWorld can ensure you’re ready.

As the global pandemic continues to evolve, GardaWorld remains on the leading edge of innovative security solutions to meet the ever-changing challenges faced by businesses, communities and government entities. We offer many business continuity services designed to help maximize the health and safety of people and facilities, including: 

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Develop a custom plan to prepare your organization for the new normal

We’re ready to support your organization by implementing proactive response measures at both the employee and infrastructure levels.

Pandemic Response: Providing Critical Services in Complex Situations and Times

Today and always, the safety and security of our employees, clients and the general public is what is most important to GardaWorld. We recognize the seriousness of the pandemic and are taking the right measures to ensure everyone’s health and well-being. We remain focused on our clients’ needs, as we know that they are counting on our organization to support them through this challenging and rapidly evolving situation.

Read the entire message from Stephan Crétier, Founder, Chairman, President and CEO of GardaWorld.

Download our Capability Sheet: Roadmap to Workplace Safety and Viability

GardaWorld Capability Sheet - Roadmap to workplace safety and viability

Through the adoption and implementation of key measures, together with GardaWorld you can mitigate risks and keep your workplace, schools and communities safe and secure amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Does your organization have a game plan to resume operations in today’s COVID-19 landscape? GardaWorld's panel of experts discuss the current pandemic status and how to best plan for the new reality for your workforce and workplace.

Offering pandemic services around the world

As a leading global security company, GardaWorld is well positioned to support businesses of all kinds during this global pandemic.

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