48,000 people – One GardaWorld

March 17, 2016

As a global leader in the security industry, GardaWorld serves clients in 20+ countries in the world. Our people speak more than 20 languages, from Arabic to Urdu, Japanese and Creole among others. We strive to mirror this diversity by creating a workplace that promotes equity, development and opportunities.

Diversity is an integral part of who we are as a company and how we operate. As such, we empower our teams to share the challenges that they face in their jobs, so we can accurately integrate our diversity program into our daily operations.


Building a culture of integration

The face of Canada is changing, becoming more and more diversified every year. GardaWorld is committed to contributing to the economic insertion and development of visible minorities and new immigrants: we continuously develop practices and policies towards employment and social involvement. By innovating and maintaining a two-way communication, diversity and inclusion have become drivers of performance at GardaWorld.

Preventing stereotypes and prejudices

Our talent attraction policy is designed to accommodate applicants under the Employment Equity Act and the Canadian Human Rights Act; our employment equity policies are featured on our Careers website. We screen candidates according to their work experience and the job requirements of our vacant positions.

In order to prevent stereotypes and prejudices, but also to emphasize the importance of diversity in our corporate culture, we recently launched an awareness campaign, One GardaWorld, to remind employees they are part of a large organization in whole, where diversity is our strength.


Encouraging personal growth

In addition to reflecting the evolution and trends of immigration in Canada, our hiring process allows us to select people with a diverse work experience that are eager to build a long-term career in the security industry. Immigrants, Aboriginals, persons with disabilities, women and visible minorities choose to work for GardaWorld because they benefit from quality employment, and active support from a multinational company, with committed career advancement by management.

Highlighting the benefits of a pluralistic corporate culture

GardaWorld’s diversity policies define how our commitment to integration translates into our daily interactions with each other. Indeed, diverse views within the workplace help to better understand ethnic and ethical issues of the country in which we operate. Thus laying the foundation for appropriate solutions.


Promoting diversity is one of our priorities. At GardaWorld, we believe that it starts by being both mindful and respectful of our counterparts’ values and sensibilities.