A portrait of Dominic Peters, security instructor at GardaWorld Career Development Centre

June 29, 2016

Dominic Peters has over 25 years’ experience in the security industry, works as a security instructor at GardaWorld Career Development Centre during the day, and as a bouncer at night. He has worked on various prestigious events including the Montreal Grand Prix. Dominic was recently interviewed by CBC Montreal about his job.

Dominic started his career in the security world to help out friends here and there, it then quickly became a passion. With dedication, he trains security agents daily and constantly reminds them that they can make a difference in people’ lives. Dominic particularly stresses the importance of customer service, maintaining self-control and the ability to defuse any situation – “No matter what situation you find yourself, you should always be prepared to have a good judgement.”

Dominic Peters

Dominic is widely recognized for his bright smile and his respectful demeanor: he teaches his students that “in security, respect for peers is key.” Dominic has earned respect through his positive attitude, while he also knows how to hold his ground when needed, having practiced Taekwondo, Yawara (a mix of karate, judo and aikido) and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

At GardaWorld, we believe that training is crucial to preventing incidents from happening in the first place. Highly trained security professionals like Dominic Peters who share their knowledge and experience with such passion and purpose is what sets the GardaWorld Career Development Centre apart: improving professional talent within the security industry is our mission.

Training programs are available for both the general public and, security professionnals interested in developing their career. Visit the GardaWorld Career Development Centre for more information.

Source: CBC News