Baghdad team raises urgent funds for Nepal

December 7, 2015

On April 25th, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck central Nepal, killing over 8,000 people, and injuring thousands more. At the time of the quake we employed over 120 Nepalese Gurkha Guards on our FCO project in Baghdad and immediately sprang into fundraising mode.

Daniel Matthews, Regional Director Iraq and the FCO Project Managers Howard Simms and Nigel Swords led our fundraising effort in conjunction with Niraj Gurung from our Gurkha manpower provider FSI.

The team organized in a matter of days, an evening function at the British Embassy attended by staff, clients and friends of the embassy and GardaWorld. The evening had a focus on raising money and while the guests enjoyed a Nepalese finger food buffet prepared by our Gurkhas there was a Raffle, games and Camel Racing. The event raised over $11,000, this was topped up with a donation of $5,000 from GardaWorld in Dubai and a further $5,000 from GardaWorld in Montreal and the Gurkha Guard force in the country bringing the total to just over $21,000.

With these funds in hand the team was able to approach charities in Nepal and look for projects to support. They selected to work with NGO’s Right4Children and Freedom Matters who were looking to secure vital funds to reconstruct a school in Marpak, Nepal. The ten classroom school was badly damaged in the quake leaving over 600 students from Primary to Class 12 without schooling.

During the planning phase our team has visited the school to finalize preparations and submitted a final draft proposal/construction plan to the Nepali government for approval. We hope to commence the rebuild after the monsoon season, utilizing locally recruited workforce and skilled labor where possible with our teams in place to provide guidance and assistance.