Crisis24: Blackouts continue in Venezuela, affecting healthcare facilities; Juan Guaidó calls for protests on March 11

March 11, 2019

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This Week’s Top News Alerts from Crisis24:


Venezuela: Guaidó calls for protests on March 11 as blackout continues

Individuals in Venezuela are advised to adhere to instructions issued by their home governments, keep battery-operated devices fully charged whenever possible, remain vigilant for criminal behavior and avoid conspicuous displays of wealth, refrain from discussing political topics in public or on social media, and avoid all public demonstrations due to the risk of violence and arrest. In addition, individuals are advised to be cautious when driving or crossing streets if traffic signals are not functional. Read more


China/Ethiopia: Airlines suspend Boeing 737 MAX 8

The measure was announced this morning and was reportedly in effect beginning Sunday. Ethiopian Airlines has four other 737 MAX 8 planes. Read more


Pakistan: Heightened security during cricket tournament in Karachi

Individuals in Karachi are advised to exercise caution and strictly avoid all large public gatherings, including sports matches, as they are at increased risk of being targeted in an attack. Monitor the situation over the coming days, anticipate heightened security measures, and follow any instructions issued by the local authorities. Read more


Kenya: UN Environment Assembly in Nairobi

Individuals present in Nairobi are advised to monitor developments to the situation, anticipate a heightened security presence, road closures, and other transportation disruptions, and adhere to all instructions issued by the local authorities or their home government. Read more


Belgium: Further climate change protests in Brussels March 15

Travelers in Brussels are advised to monitor developments to the situation and avoid all protests and demonstrations as a precaution. Read more


India: Holi festival March 20-21

Individuals in India are advised to confirm travel and lodging reservations, anticipate significant business and transportation disruptions, remain vigilant for criminal activity and safeguard possessions, and adhere to instructions issued by local authorities. Read more


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