Event Security: Why Trust the Professionals

May 22, 2018

Whenever there are a lot of people gathered in a given location, there’s a greater chance of security issues. That’s why when it comes to events, it’s important to trust your security needs to a professional, reputable company.

A top security company has the experience, technology and expertise to take the measures needed to ensure the wellbeing of the general public and any VIPs, as well as protect any assets on the event site. Also, having a security team present gives participants a sense of comfort and safety, contributing to their overall enjoyment.

Why trust your event to a first-rate security company:

They’ll put a solid security plan in place.

Whether you’re organizing a research conference, a golf tournament or a rock concert, a specialized security company can help ensure the success of your event by providing a turnkey, customized security solution to meet your needs.

A top-notch company will work with you to get a clear picture of the event to assess your needs—from the intended target audience and the estimated number of people, to the nature of the occasion. For example, a family-friendly event won’t require the same type of security interventions as a rock concert. The company should then propose at least a couple of possible plans, which feature tried-and-true security measures, balance your risks vs. needs, and meet your budget.

They’ll achieve just the right level of security.

A good security company will send guards to your event, but an excellent security company will properly evaluate how many guards are needed. Not enough guards in place can be dangerous because they won’t be able to manage the crowds, while too many guards can be restrictive; they can not only get in the way of people enjoying the event, but overstaffing also leads to unnecessary costs. Furthermore, if too many security measures are taken for the nature of the event, such as regular pat-downs at a kids’ event, then that could leave people feeling uneasy.

They’ll maintain a safe and secure environment at the venue.

Professional security guards are specifically trained to handle a whole range of possible issues that can arise at events; they have the expertise to ensure the public’s safety, while protecting any assets on the premises. From entry screening, parking services, customer service and crowd control, to deterring crimes and preventing security problems, guards at events have a lot of responsibilities.

Also, if an issue does arise, high-caliber guards know exactly what steps to take—for example, moving people away from a dangerous situation, putting an evacuation plan into action or contacting the command center to call the police for backup. The bottom line is that you want to have a skilled security team at your event because they’re ready for anything.

You will benefit from the latest security equipment and services.

A top security company equips its teams with the most-up-to-date detection technology, so you can better control what people bring into your event. This technology may include X-ray machines and metal-detector gantries—tools that are essential for making sure that no one tries to conceal dangerous objects.

In certain regions, you may even have the option of deploying a canine patrol unit. The presence of specially trained security dogs and their handlers can play an important role in maintaining order at large-scale events. This unit can be extremely effective at crowd control, and detection dogs can sniff out explosives and narcotics. In fact, the mere presence of security dogs can deter bad behavior and be reassuring for the general public.

You’re decreasing the risk of an attack.

Recent attacks at public venues have proven that it’s not just politically charged places (such as embassies and heritage buildings) that are at risk; this idea haunts a lot of people in their daily lives. As a result, promoters of entertainment activities and other large-scale events have no choice but to adapt to this new reality by hiring private security companies in order to minimize the risks. Making sure that the finest security personnel are at your event can decrease the chance of a terrorist attack.

Having a professional security plan and highly trained guards at your event is more than just a good idea; it can make all the difference. Plus, when you have a security team you can truly trust, you’re free to focus on making your event the best it can be.

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