GardaWorld Cash Services Employees Rally to Support Co-Worker

June 3, 2013

Dean Royston, who works in GardaWorld’s Needham, MA vault,  is described by his colleagues as a person who works tirelessly to get the job done and an outstanding individual with integrity and respect for others.


“Dean made a positive impact at the Needham branch operation from the moment he was hired. At the time, he had only 40 percent of his hearing and even with this disadvantage, he was an incredible asset to the team,” said Steve Morss, GardaWorld’s VP and Deputy Head of US North Operations. “He’s now working in our vault and to this day is doing a superb job. I can honestly say, Dean is someone I look up to.”


When Dean’s hearing began to get progressively worse over the past year, he reached out to his co-worker Xiomara Tennyson, who was moved to help.


“Dean needs surgery before he loses his hearing altogether and insurance only covers a portion of that cost,” said Xiomara. “I was honored that he came to me, which led me to come up with the idea of a fundraiser. I know I may not be able make a miracle happen but every little bit counts and this is why I support Dean. He is not only an employee at GardaWorld he is part of the GardaWorld family,” she added.


Dean’s fundraiser will be held by his co-workers and family on Friday, June 14th. Funds raised will go directly to Dean’s surgery costs. They are also accepting donations to the Dean U. Royston Jr. Fund at any TD Bank location.