GardaWorld presents at PNC “Take Your Child to Work Day”

May 4, 2016

GardaWorld’s Pittsburgh Branch Operations Manager, Gregory Stone, recently attended PNC Bank’s “Take Your Child to Work Day” to tell employees’ children what it’s like to work in cash services. With a background in education, Gregory knew how to bring the experience to life. He brought deposit bags, bulletproof vests and information on the safety  and energy efficiency features of our Peterbilt trucks.

“The vests were definitely a huge hit,” said Gregory. “I think all of the kids in attendance tried them on, and also a couple of the parents and other PNC employees.”


“Gregory was able to engage everyone who attended as our group ranged from five years to 15 years of age,” said Amanda Rausach, PNC’s Remote Safe Solutions Team Lead.  “It was evident to us that he is very passionate about his role at GardaWorld and because of his interactions, we may have some future armored messengers in the group.  Everyone benefitted from the details presented and truly gained a better understanding of the critical role GardaWorld plays in moving cash across the nation.”


“We thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to spend time with some of our youngest—and  hopefully future bankers—and making a wonderful impression on them,” she added.