GardaWorld Re-Branding – The Inside Story

July 10, 2014

For many companies, re-branding the corporate image is an exercise in cosmetics – applying a new image to the company’s name, logo and marketing materials.  With her impressive background in marketing at L’Oreal Canada, one of the world’s leading cosmetics companies, Nathalie de Champlain seemed the perfect choice for such a project.

As she discusses in “Branding Innovation as a Key Driver of Cultural Change and Industry Differentiation in a Fast-Growing Organization,” her chapter in a new book from Thomson Reuters/Aspatore, Driving Business Value with Innovative Marketing Strategies she went well beyond the cosmetic level in crafting a new and distinctive brand for the rapidly growing business and security services company.

In describing the successful GardaWorld re-branding campaign, Nathalie explains that CEO buy-in, careful attention to cultural values and clear business imperatives are essential. They are the elements that form the foundation on which the brand is built.

“An effective brand and corporate image captures and magnifies the core values of a company,” she explains, “the DNA of the organization, its mission and its aspirations. It inspires its people to transcend themselves and become a vibrant part of a much larger entity that provides meaning and value for their lives.”

That was an essential requirement for GardaWorld’s re-branding for several reasons. The company was built and grew rapidly from many acquisitions so an amalgam of corporate cultures and values merged together, replete with inconsistencies and gaps.  Bringing coherence and discipline to all that was essential.

The success of the rebranding has been affirmed by several awards garnered by the initiative recently.  As meaningful as the industry recognition is, even more impressive is the ongoing acknowledgement by employees, clients and the general public. They now recognize the brand, and are eager to learn about the company behind it. That is the true power of branding.

The book, Driving Business Value with Innovative Marketing Strategies, is available at or